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Kenya Gatomboya Grand Cru Coffee

Dec 3, 2013   //   by admin   //   Blog, Coffee  //  No Comments

Kenya Gatomboya Grand Cru

A shipment of Stumptown’s Grand Cru Kenya Gatomboya recently arrived at the store–just in time for the holidays! The Grand Cru line is “Stumptown’s way of distinguishing truly exquisite coffees from the already outstanding ones we buy,” making this the perfect gift for the coffee aficionado in your life.

Tasting notes of brown sugar, port, black currant and plums create “a cohesive and complex cup with a buttery textured finish.”

Stop by the store today to pick up a bag!

Coffee for Kids Toy Drive

Nov 19, 2013   //   by admin   //   Blog, Coffee  //  No Comments

Mark your calendars! We’re running our inaugural “Coffee for Kids” toy drive on Tuesday, December 3, to benefit the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. The one-day drive will take place during normal business hours (7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) at our retail location (625 New Park Ave, West Hartford, CT). For every new, unwrapped toy you donate, we’ll give you any coffee drink on the house!

The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is the only freestanding children’s hospital in Connecticut that offers “comprehensive, world-class healthcare to children and adolescents in a patient- and family-centered environment with a focus on research, education and advocacy.”

Help us spread holiday joy and cheer this year by donating a toy to a child in need. Need ideas? Click here to see a wish list provided by the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. We hope to see you on Tuesday, December 3!

Coffee Updates

Feb 26, 2013   //   by admin   //   Blog, Coffee  //  No Comments

There are a lot of new coffees arriving in our shop this time of year, and we would like to share a quick update:

In case you didn’t know, we split our menu between selections from New Harvest Coffee Roasters in Pawtucket, RI and Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Brooklyn, NY.

First off lets mention the coffees we are saying goodbye to until the next season’s crop.  From Latin American, the last of Guatemala Santa Clara for the year now sits on our shelves.  We hate to see it go but think you will be just fine with the incredible Guatemala Finca El Injerto as a replacement.  At this time  we also bid adieu to one of our all-time favorites, Honduras Los Portillos.  This was our second year carrying Los Portillos and our pride in serving such a distinct, small-lot coffee was only heightened by meeting the coffee’s producer at last year’s MANE Coffee Conference.

We will also be saying goodbye to Stumptown’s Organic Indonesia Gajah Aceh.  This coffee will return after the next harvest as a smaller, more refined lot that we greatly look forward to.  The good news is that those of you seeking that distinct Indonesian flavor profile now have TWO options at the bakery:  Gajah Aceh has been replaced by a wonderful Organic Sumatra Blend, and in addition, after years off the menu Sulawesi Toarco Peaberry has returned to our shelves and is better than ever.  The peaberry is remarkably complex with both sweet and savory tasting notes wrapped up in a full body.  Look out for it on our pour-over menu soon.

On the topic of new arrivals, say hello to Rwanda Huye Mountain and Ethiopia Guji Shakiso.  Guji is bright and sweet with a floral aroma, everything you’d expect from an Ethiopian coffee.  Rwanda Huye Mountain builds on those characteristics and adds a strong chocolate flavor in the finish.  We’ll be brewing these in store for several weeks on our Pour-Over Menu.

Whisper!  All of our espresso drinks at HBCo feature the Whisper espresso blend as their core ingredient.  We are pleased to share that the blend will be featuring new coffees beginning this week.  It will be comprised of Organic Honduras Marcala and Kenya Kii Estate.  These components will provide for a fruit-forward profile and a clean finish.  If you haven’t tried our espresso on its own please give it a shot (no pun intended), it just might blow your mind.


NOTE: After months of cleanup and rebuilding following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Stumptown is back to roasting coffee in Red Hook, which means that our coffee will once again be arriving just 24 hours after roasting.  Thanks for sticking it out with us while the folks at Stumptown put their roastery back together!