Great sandwiches start with great bread, baked every morning by our skilled artisans.

Our wholesome salads and sandwiches are thoughtfully prepared using quality ingredients like anti-biotic free turkey and chicken, local eggs, local cheeses and fresh vegetables. With a wide selection of panini and traditional sandwiches, we have something to please every palate.

Sandwiches are available after 11am. We are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients we can find. If we can’t find a product that meets our standards, or if we think we can make it better ourselves, we do just that.

We’re proud to produce the following ingredients in house:

Mayonnaise (with local eggs!)

Smoked Mozzarella

Honey Peanut Butter


Tuna Salad

Roast Chicken Salad

Chipotle Mayo

Red Pepper Aioli

New Park Ave
Farmington Ave

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